Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Post

Hello Internet. well I got the OK to end my blog....for now. But dont fret I will probably be back next semester and I will probably have created that music blog.

So farwell, I may or not be writing on you again soon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


So Internet, i just figured out to change the settings on this Blogger account. Its not that news worthy I know but its something. So I have managed to set the time to the correct time and date for my location and will hopefully be posting everyday before 12 am. However my day does not end until I take a shower and go to sleep for I could possibly be posting at 3am sometimes.

Have a good night!


Tonight, well actually this past night technically, the college had a Masquerade themed  semi-formal dance and to be honest, IT WAS A BLAST!!!  They offered carriage rides, snacks, an informal coat check and  a dance fllor. Yea thats right I said it, DANCEFLOOR. The thing I tend to hate but for tonight (well yesterday night) I loved.

My roommate, C,  and I started getting at 5pm when the dance began at 8pm. Why S, why would you ever start so early? Well Internet, because I have recently begun to realize that I am a tad "high maintainence". I would hate to admit this outloud but I enjoy getting all dolled up. I liked having to figure out what shoes go with what dress, what jewerly works and what shades of eyeshadows to choose.

Anyway, the night went without a hitch. People had a great time, I got to pet a horse, listen to an acapella group sing and  dance until my feet hurt.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today I saw the city from the back of a carousel horse
Today I saw the city on childhood memories wings
The grays pavement, red brick and gleaming glass.
I watched as time flew by while the music played
Flying in cloudy skies on the back of a dapple pony
I saw the black rushing waters and the furious flurries
Today I saw the city through the eyes of a child
Today I saw the city surrounded by innocence

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The speech is done and all in all I think it went ok. OH! Forgive me I started too soon. Here are the details. For a class, Internet, I had to come up with a 6-7 minute speech regarding a topic I was interested  in. So after battling with both my speech and a crappy laptop I managed to make a great power point as a visual aid. However, I probably should hve praacticed y speech more than the 3 times I did...and I probably should have done some more in depth research.

BUT all in all I think it went fine. I was a minute and 16 seconds over time and I tended to face away from the audiance but it was my first time giving a speech infront of a class all on my own in college so I will certainly improve for next time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Just Cant Escape You..

Hello Internet!
SO after a very very long break, both from you and the rest of the world I have finally realized that I just cannot escape you. I even ran to Chicago ( for Model UN) and was internet free for 4 days before realizing that it didnt matter. Everywhere I looked someone was playing on Facebook or checking their emails through their phone or another electronical device. 

And again I promise to get started on the music blog ..... once I get some time, which will not be this week.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Times in Chicago

Hello Internet! I have returned from the AMUN conference in Chicago and am extremely happy to tell you that I had an awesome time! I got to work with some amazing people who all had wonderful ideas. My council (Economic and Social council) passed about 17 resolutions within four days. we all worked diligently and progressed through all of our topics leaving everyone fairly happy.

Within the next few days I plan on creating a more clear picture for you and adding part 2 to the movie post.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Way behind and a disapperance

So I am way behind in my blogs but I will no way of blogging this weekend or on Monday and Tuesday. I will be at AMUN in Chicago and will not be returnning until Tuesday evening.

Sorry Internet, I hope you will miss me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Edited: Waiting in line and funny people

Have you ever waited in line a just watched the people around; how they interact, talk, stand or even what they buy? I love to do this, especially when I have to wait in long lines ( for movies, shopping, whatever).   I feel that you can learn so much abut someone once you have watched them and listened to them talk. I dont mean in the creepy stalker way but in a purely curious way.

Question of the day: what have you learned today?

No Time

So I do not have time tonight to make a fairly long or entertining blog so I will come back and edit this tomorrow

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling Down

Have you ever had one of those days that starts well but deteriorates . Yea, I'm having that day. This morning was fine but as the day went on I felt more and more depressed.

Instead of doing homework I've sat on my ass all day and continually fell deeper and deeper into a slump. With no motivation I've afraid that I will become even more lazy and  fat. Yes that is my self esteem issues talking. Oh and lack of motivation means that my other blog will furthur be put on hold.

Question of the Day: How you pull yourself out of a slump?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Radio Station

So tonight was my third radio dj set and it wasnt that great. Turns out that the voice mic wasnt working, which is both a blessing and a curse. A  blessing because my dialogue tonight was terrible! I studdered and fumbled with my words. It was a curse because no one heard me! so I will get no feed back.

Oh well. its late and I have foreign films to watch. Bonsoir tout le monde.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Languages and attraction.

So tonight I was dragged to a German club party by my roommate and a friend. I personally do not speak any German (except a few swear words, dog, mother, no, please, thankyou, wake up, welcome, my name is and yes) and instead je parle le francias!  At said party we all (there was maybe 9 of us) sat down to watch a german film called "The Edukators." This movie was awesome and revolved around a brief period of time in the lives of two young men and a young woman.

But I'm not here to talk about the movie I'm here to talk about language and attraction. The first thing I noticed about the film (besides that fact that it was in GERMAN) was that the language barrier suddenly made the men in the film even more attractive than they aready were. I mean lets face it ladies, if a guy has an accent he immediately ets 15 bonus points in the attraction department.And gentlmen , the same goes for you, you know you love women with an accent other than your own.

So my question is, why does not being able to understand a language make that person suddenly more attractive? and whats you favorite accent/language?

Sometimes there are no words

Sometimes there are no words for what you heard. Sometimes there are no phrases, or sounds, or images that you can paint with words to descrie what you see. Sometimes you cannot take the photograph in the mind and translate it to print.

Right now I am listeing to Gen. Douglas MacArthur's "Duty, Honor, Country" speech given to the cadets at Westpoint and know that I will have a hard time finding the right words to convey MacArthur's emotion or inspiring words to those listening.

His voice reminds me of those that you hear reading the war novels on audiobooks and despite the grim beginning and imagery I am lulled into sleep.

Question of the Day: How do describe what you do not have words for?

Monday, November 8, 2010

No Funny and Books

Tonight was the college's Last Comic Standing competition and well, it sucked. 5 "comidians" told jokes, lame jobes at that for an hour of my life. That hour I will never get back :(

BUT on a  better note, my rommmate M introduced me to a website called Its basically a website where you can make a list of all of the books you have read and all the ones you would like to read. For  someone like me, who basically shot out of the womb with a book, this website is perfect. 

Today I have spent 3 hours on this site...3 hours of categorizing and listing ...and I'm not even close to finished yet.

Back to my books.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money, money, spending and a little explaination.

Hello Internet!  I  promise that from now I will be as diligent as possible with my posts and to keep them fairly detailed or entertaining.

Today my mother came to me at college. Normally I would have gone home but the circumstances did not allow for it.  The main reson for her visit (besides seeing her lovely daughter) was to buy me some business attire for Model United Nations.

 For anyone out there who does know MUN is a 1 credit class offered in the fall. Basically when you sign up for the class you are signing away 4 days in of your life to a conference which is help in Chicago. At the conference colleges and universities are invited to represent various countries in a mock UN session. This year I will be one of the people representing the ECOSOC committee of the Russian Federation. - Western business attire must be worn at all time and being a  jobless college student I lack anything that would conform to that label.

 After spending an hour or so looking around at JCPenny'swe slipped in line and saved over $140 because of awesome doorbuster sales!. Then after a yummy lunch at Subway (not exactly healthy but whatev's) we paid a visit to Kohls where we saved another $60 on clothes. \

Now in order to save so much I must have spent atleat $300 right? WRONG! in total we spent less than $190. So really I saved about $200  on about $400 worth of purchandise due to sales. 

This might not be interesting to anyone else but I found it unbelievable!

Friday, November 5, 2010

2nd Set

So tonight was my second dj set for the collge radio station. My first set was ok but my second set was so much better! Luckily, my friend AS sat there with me to keep me company but I realized that I definately need to get more music if I am going to continue with an international music show. So far the shows name is Le Zik a french slang term for music. 

Now I just need to memorize all of the FCC rules and make sure that nohing conflicts with the college code of conduct, etc.

More tomorrow. Bonsoir!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its movie time! Part1

So it was asked that I focus on a movie that my Journalism class is watching: Shattered Glass. The movie centers around the rise and demise of Stephen Glass.  But enough about the plot, what the class was asked to blog about was the moral messages of the film.

 So here is what I learned.
      1. Dont make up anything! I feel like this is a given and shouldn't have to be said
      2. Always be able to back up your sources.  -- If you use someone has a souce make sure you have a legitamate number or email for them.
      3. Keep your notes - you might be asked to check them (or hand them over!)

Stayed turned for part 2 next Thursday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Waiting for Chocolate

Tonight my roommates and I made chocolate. Well, actually, we melted chocolate pieces in plastic bags in the microwave but same thing right? and then we put it in plastic molds and froze it. I will write while it hardens but the moment it done this is done. 
Oh and I missed a school newspaper meeting....damnit!!!!!!!! damn damn damn....

Chocolates done!   Now its time for a chocolate rat..or spider...or  pumpkin. I <3 Halloween.

You Are What You Watch???

So According to E!News there is a study now out that finds correlations between what you watch and your personality.I wish they had mentioned the study's (sp?) name so I could do more research but thats ok, I'm sure its somewhere.

I ask you Internet,  what do you think about this? To use myself as an example: I love all sorts of shows, I will watch whatever I'm in the mood for. If I want crime and dark subjects I watch CSI or Criminal Minds. If I feel girly and loving I watch Say Yes to the Dress or Four Weddings. If I want somethign magical I turn to the SciFi channel and when I want something cute I watch Animal Planet.

Frankie Update: I havent seen Frakie in a very long time. Possibilities: A) He has begun hibrnation B) Campus Safety pice dim up and sent him way TT_TT

Question fo the Day: What do you like to watch?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rocky Horrow Picture show

In order to celebrte Halloween  my roommates and I watched a slew of action and comedy films. We started the evening with Underworld which was followed up with Underworld:Evoltuion. C, M, H and I all agreed thathe character of Micheal was much more attratve as his Vampire/werwolf hybrid self and that certain things in the film (character mishaps, etc) were fairly annoying.

However the best part of the evening was watching Rocky Horrow Picture show. This cult classic always makes me laugh. I can sing all of the songs and obviously know the time warp dance. I dont know anyone who has watched the movie and not loved it. Needless to say, Frankenfurter (play by the awesome Tim Curry) was the best character in the film Not only is he attractive (in that androginous way) but he has better legs than anyone I have seen.

Anywho, not much comp. power left and no personal energy left. Goodnight Internet.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


So tonight was the the Grand Rapids Zombie Walk and to be honest I was a bit disappointed.  I mean, I was quite surprised on how many people had gathered but we only walked around the park and across the bridge. I was genuinely hoping for a longer evening exploring around the downtown area as a messed up zombie. The group I was with consisted of a stranger with candy, a  zombie ninja (except she got called a terrorist a few times), a dead basketball player and a mauled volunteer. 

As for the other zombie's I saw a lot of nuns, doctors and clowns. BUT there was a really kick-ass samuri zombie that was a good 6'5'' and a group of zombies that looked like they had died at a party.

To be perfectly honest preparing for the Zombie Walk was much more fun than the actually walk. C and I spent a good hour just tearing and decorating my shirt. On top of that, did you know that hooker red lipstick makes awesome fake blood stains?  Plus if you smear a little brown and an eyeshow around it looks like you have rolled in dirt.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laptops I hate thee

So after months of being stuck using my roomates laptop or a school computer I finally managed to speed up my brother's which I felt the need to confiscate (mine should be on its way to HP), plus he doesnt use it, except for porn. After manually deleting various naughty pictures, PC games and unused, poorly downloaded programs I managed to get the laptop to boot up within 5 minutes instead of the 30 it was taking.

As now, after spending an hour and half at ITS I still cant get online. Apparently malware had broken my connection with the internet and all I had to do was update my windows and AVG virus software. I performed the necessary updates the internet was still unavailable. According to the college network I need to update my Norton software ....well school network, I DONT USE NORTON! and I cant call the help desk now and must wait until tomorrow....damnit.

Monday, October 25, 2010

OK sorry

Sorry Internet for I have failed you. Over the break I did not make a second blog and write various music reviews. bad, bad me. BUT I do plan on doing this and I will get it done.... eventually. So for now I will just give a story that happend to me over break.

Saturday I had to drive my exchange brother over to a friends house the middle of the woods. Now my hometown is Town A and N had to go to town B, a little bitty farmarea 35 minutes away. Well the drive was nothing but the house I dropped him off at was f**king weird. Not only was it in cow country, in fact we drove past a dairy farm ( I know the owners) in order to get to this house.

So we turn on this random ass dirt road in the middle of nowhere  and drive inot the woods. From there we turn on another random road in more dense woods and look for a random wooden mailbox. Once found  the long drive has a car graveyard besides it and wraps around a big tree. a pole barn and outdoor dog kennel are on one side and this tiny log cabin (like a hunters cabin) is on the other. Now that doesnt sound all that bad right? well your wrong, on the porch of the cabin are walls of wood (obvious fireplace material) and there is another dead car grave yard. a swamop backed up to the back of the cabin and the lighting was low. When I describe it it doesnt sound too bad but think of the beginning of a horror movie. Yea, that creepy f**king house.

So after leaving N to his serial killer doom I had an awesome evening..until I had to pick him up at midnight. Now think of the scene iIdescribed but only without light.... yea.. creepy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So over break I will be changing my blog around. I will try to catch up on my post numbers in two weeks but will be creating my music blog and hopefully writting in that by Sunday.  And hopefully I will be writing much more interesting  material.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I think I will make another blog that will be geared more towards what I want to do with my life. More arts and entertainment reviews. Also I will be moving the Apo review (and adding to it) to this new blog.  And hopefully I can catch up with this one.

Monday, October 11, 2010

7th Symphony

Starting out on a good note (hehe get it? note!) 7th Symphony, instrumetal band Apocalyptica's newest addition, contniues to carry on the bands good name. A bit more goth and dark than previous records the new CD stars guest vocalists Lacey (Flyleaf), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Brent Smtih (Shinedown) and Joseph Duplantier (Gojira) in explosive, new collaberations.  Guest drummer Dave Lambardo, who has worked with the band previously, also lends his talents to 7th Symphony. However this album seems to not flow as smoothly as Worlds Collide ( 2008) with  harsh songs breaking up the softer, more distorted melodies. Speaking of distortion, a more dramatic sound, caused by the whirring moan of distored and stretched notes, deepens the emotions present throughout the songlist.

More to come!

-S. Parlette
This will be edited and rewritten as I please, when I have time :/

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So this will be a preview of the review I plan to wrtie tomorrow about Apocalyptica's new album 7th Symphony.

Starting out on a good note (hehe get it? note!) 7th Symphony, instrumetal band Apocalyptica's newest addition, contniues to carry on the bands good name. A bit more goth and dark than previous records the new CD stars guest vocalists Lacey (Flyleaf), Gavin Rossdale (Bush) and Brent Smtih (Shinedown) in explosive, new collaberations .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I will be revamping my blog. My goal is to do either cd reviews, band histories, or some other music based writings when I have the time. Hopefully I will be able to find my voice and style. So today I will just be putting up a playlist for the INternet.

'Doe A Deer' - Sound of Music
'My Favorite Things' - sound of Music
'The Sound of Music' - Sound of Music

Frankie Update: No Frankster for a few days now. But we did see a kitty!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Playlist for today

So because I am feeling down and uninspired I will just give the internet todays playlist

1 . Vivaldi vs Vertigo -- David Garrett
2 The 5th -- David Garrett
3. End of me -- Apocalyptica
4. (Love) the Hardest Way - H.I.M
5. You are Loved - Josh Groban

Friday, October 1, 2010


Happiness is the first pblication of your work in your adult life. Currently I am both happy and nervous. My first article was published in the college newspaper and so far the reaction from my friends has been good.  Still I cant help but feel nervous that I wont be able to follow it up.

For now I will rule the campus, then next, THE WORLD!  MWAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Indian Birthday

So this weekend I will be skipping my Humanities class to go to Chicago. Why Chicago you ask? Well because I have a birthday to go to. Friends of the family, who are from India, have invited my mother and I to join them for baby #2's birthday.  So I ask you Internet, have you ever been to an Indian birthday?

Now I'm not saying that it will be all bollywood and what not, but there will be some differences. Like, will there be cake? Or do I get some awesome Indian food?  A's parents have come over for Indian so they will be there and I know old neighbors of A and P's will be there as well. So will my mom and i be the only caucasian people there? Am i going to stand out?...

The answer to the later is yes. I always stand out and I cant speak Tamil....shit.


Playlist of the Day:  The Sharpest Lives -- My Chemical Romance
                              Ophelia - L'Arc~en~Ciel
                               Shiro - Yoko Kanno

It's been an awesome day. i made a successful chicken pot pie, played Apples to Apples with the roomies and a new friend and just had an all around good day.

Oh and Internet, please note: I hate the timing on this website. It messes up my post times and dates,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Personal crests and kisses

SO my roommates and I thought that making personal crests was a good idea. Current H is the only one with a crest, a white stag and red and blue shield. I will be making mine tonight and I will be drawing the extra characters on our apartment crest. 

Also, we have discovered the wonders of chocolate kiss fights. the only rule, the tin foil is your only weapons and aiming for the face is manditory.

news: Tomorrow is Wednesday and hopefully my article will be in the paper with one of the pictures I took. *Fingers crossed*

Frankie Update: Frankie, we found out, likes waffles and apples.

Couch coffin

So my roomate H has sandwiched the two fluffy sofa chairs together and is making a bed out of them. Now she had a legitamate bed but wants to sleep on the chairs. I dont know why, but its awesome plus my roommate C is pelting her with a pillow. It is truely one of the funniest things I have every seen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maybe not a good idea.

Totally forgot yesterdays blog. Oops.  Anyway, I made fish for dinner tonight which was awesome and turned out tasty and yummy. Also the girls and I made cookies,  a chocolate cake and went to the Mustard Plug concert.   

I had never heard Mustard Plug before but they are pretty good. they remind me of Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake but still I enjoyed seeing people dance like freaks. However I found that every song seemed to have a similar tune. Oh well.

Frankie Update: Frankie and ted are two different groundhogs. We discovered the two of them sitting togther yesterday nibbling on the grass. Frankie has a black tail while Ted had a red tail. Ted, we believe is a girl but Ted just fits so that is her name.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Prize and Tardiness

Yes I know I am late in updating. i believe I missed yesterday and a Friday some day back awhile ago. BUT! I have an excuse. I was writing an article for the newspaper, something which even though I would like to do for the rest of my life I have no previous experience with. So I have been totally focused on that and making it the best I can without being too wordy or too dull.

OH and while running through downtown trying to piece together my story I ran into one of the artists. yes I really did. It was quite weird because I had just taken a few pictures of his work and was writing down his name when I hear "Hi! I'm Ben!" The name sign saying Benjamin I figured they were one and the same which was awesome because my friend A had seen him earlier and announced how attracted she was to him.  However I was the only one lagging behind so I got to talk to Ben and explain what I was doing and why I was taking a ton of pictures. He was a really friendly guy who asked my name and what I thought of art Prize, etc. Out of all of the artists I met he was the only one who did not pressure me to vote which will probably win him my vote. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain and running

So there is a wicked storm outside right now and I really want to run in it. Perhaps this comes from a primal need to want to run or from a weird want to run through forrests at night. Who really knows?  But I really want to find a group of people and rush through the wodds tromping over everything in our paths.

And now my roommates and I go to run!

Monday, September 20, 2010

No time and maybe ulsers?

So this will be short because I have no time today between interviews for the Saint article, setting up a video screen for Programming Board and attempting to do homework. 

TIMMAH! died. I dont know why but he developed white spots over the weekend and died Sunday evening. He was flushed down the toliet with honors befitting his person (or fishness?)  So I need to go to PetSmart and see why I cant keep a 2cm long fish alive. 

Went to a wedding over the weekend. That was interesting and touching. But more on my views of marriage later.

Frankie update: The girls and I arent really sure if Ted is Frankie or if it might be Frankie's lady love or gentleman love (which would explain the lack of babbies). His mistress bunny was out with him daintily nibbling on the grass around the edge of the foliage.   We found that Frankie/ted enjoy double protien whole bread but are throwing it farther away from the building b/c the girls below us dont like Frankie for some reason.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Admissions and foot ball is borning

Frankie Update: Saw a groundhog today that seemed too skinny to be Frankie, M and I named him ted. Ted is Frankie's unintelligent half-brother from another mother.  If Ted is actually Frankie then Frankie seems to have lost about 5lbs.

Question of the day:    What sport do you hate?

So I have decided to admit to the internet things that would not rightfully utter aloud.

Admission #1   I haven't written  review article in a long time. So long that I am not sure where to even begin, however being the cocky little shit I am I volunteered to do an Art Prize piece due the day after Art Prize starts. Genius right?
Admission#2   American football sucks. its a bunch of guys running around in lycra pants getting a ball from one side of the field to the other. Oh and those guys touch each other in fairly inappropriately during this processes of move the leather ball. I had to sit through the last quarter of a high school football, freezing my ass off tonight and I had to look foreword to was the possibility of someone breaking a leg, or arm, or neck. Sadly this had already happened before I had arrived but I still had hope. 
Admission #3  I missed yesterdays blog.. Oops.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puppies and other baby animals.

Has anyone noticed that even the coldest person becomes warm and fuzzy when they see a baby animal? The best example I can give follows thusly: I was part of a volunteer group headed to the car which would take us to our volunteer  destination. However as we started to walk a man was walking two puppies. My entire group stopped and collectively cooed "Ohhh Puppies!" and preceded to play with the puppies for 10 minutes. And its not just women who go nuts for the babies, I have seen grown, big buff men stop whatever they are doing and play with puppies. Example, my family had a man redo our desk last year. now this man is fairly burly and gruff but he owns a 3 pound designer dog who commands his heart.

Another fairly entertaining example I have comes from two summers ago. In my hometown there is an excellent Thai food place that does carry-out. My friend K and I had ordered food and were waiting outside with my dog, who for anyone who knows me, is a large, flurry, girly -looking Border Collie named Duran (yes, after the band). While we waited a couple rode up on their huge, black and chrome Harley's. Now I know that bikers can be very nice and kind people but I will admit to being intimidated by the leather clad pair. However as they dismounted they both looked at Duran and smiled the biggest goofiest smiles I have ever seen. The two asked me what breed he was, complimented me on his cleverness (by now Duran had shook both of their hands and "talked" to them) and told me how cool it was that he was named after a rockband.

So lesson of the day is: animals are cute, people love them.

Frankie Update: Frankie is growing in girth. The tubbster has increased in size  (probably due to the foods he gets thrown his way) and the lack of nature predators. Maybe pictures soon???

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daytime TV

Why is daytime tv so boring?  Today my free time tv choices included a Kevin Bacon movie, an old episode of Supernatural and a a daytime USA show.  None fo these choices were mildly interesting nor held any form of drama or shock value. Now I know that at this time of year most tv viewers are the very old or the very young not yet in school but really? Is it so hard to show reruns of something worth my time to watch.  Hell show some old-school scooby doo episodes or dexter if only for a little while.

Question fo the Day:  Whats your favorite old-school show?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Frankie Update: Frankie seems to be getting pretty fat. The people in the apartments are feeding him everything from lettuce to bread and CheeseItz, probably not a good diet for a groundhog but he's so cute! NO one can resist him. We had some friends over and they cooed over his chubbiness. Also his mistress bunny was out and about. She stood about 10 feet away which having once wanted to be a wildlife biologist I found their proximity very interesting.

Question of the day: When people go off to college why do their relationships change? So far I have two friends who have both broken up with their boyfriends b/c said boyfriends wanted something the girls werent willing to give. Why suddenly after a year of college did these boyfriends need this from their girlfriends?

Friday, September 10, 2010

French Failures and Japanese Handtowels

Today has been pretty F***ing awesome. After a tiring 2 classes (not that many but I am running of 7 hours of sleep and little coffee) I had a French coffee hour with my friend A, who brought her friend G. Both are fluent in French and can comfuse me in less than 5 words. My hope was that coffee hour en francias would help improve my French, well it didnt. My lack of vocab quickly turn the convo into English and to the soccer game. Thats not that aweomse, rather, quite disappointing instead but thats not my point. 
During my pitiful attempts to communicate a proffeseur came over an invited G to the Japanese exchange students farewell party. G being the exceptionally nice person that she is asked if her friend ( A and I could come too).  After the soccer game the three of us joined by my roommate C went to the Moose and observed the party. The food was great and all the students had dressed in their yukatas ( a summer robe that is made of a cotton the tourguide with the group told us). The bright blues, yellows, pinks and white reminded me of somethign out of Memoirs of a Geisha, stereotypical I know but you can bite me. Any who the night continued with the smashing of a watermelon and bingo, a game at which I excel. All in all, despite my shyness and reluctance to admit my bingo I was forced on stage by my friends and was rewarded with a InuHariko, a handtowel with a doggie pattern.    (The internet does not know this but I love dogs. I love my dog the most but dogs in general turn me into a little cooing child)

And now after filling my belly with MorningStar burgers and Reces Pieces  I watch Memoirs of aGeisha with C and A and soon we will watch House of Flying Daggers

Bonne Nuit!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dead Fish

In a previous post I said how I had bought 4 fish, Cartman, Tweak, Butters and TIMMAH!. Well I am sad to inform the internet that Cartman and Tweak have both been pronounced dead. Cartman died sometime during the night, his tiny body bobbing at the bottom of the tank while Tweak's body was discovered an hour ago under the filter. Curiously this is the very spot where I found Cartman.   The cause of death is undetermined but is believed to be the result of cold water.

Question of the Day:   What is the easiest breed  of fish to take care of? BTW Goldfish is not the right answer.

1 minute

Made it to my blog 1 minute before its due. Damn I am really getting lazy with this thing.

Frankie Update:  Saw him eat carrots today. The girls below us threw some out to him however he only ate half then ambled off.

Qofthe day: Is it normal for groundhogs to come out mid day????

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Not having a laptop has really affected my homework production rate.

A few quick thoughts : Do mafia ground hogs eat apples?
What exactly did I sign up to do for Model UN ?
And why do I never have time to blog in peace?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Laziness and Fish

So due to my lack of forethought I am behind  a post. Probably not the best thing to say but my give-a-damn meter is current set to F*** it. Again, not  good. Perhaps rethinking my life choices would be beneficial.....and when I can pencil in a 25th hour in my day I shall do so.

Frankie Update: The little dude was seen today after not being seen much the past week. He is thinner and more jumpy. Hopefully nothing has happen to him while my roommates and I were away. 

PS I got some fish!  4 Neon tetra, jumbo sized according to PetSmart. Their names are Tweak, Butters, Cartman and TIMMAH! due to my strange love for South Park and its vulgarity.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Frankie ideas

So I'm fresh out of Frankie ideas. I have no idea what Frankies next adventure should be so its up to the internet to tell me. Whether its a reader or a random viewer leave me a comment telling me what you want to read. 

Frankie vs AQ Tarzan?
Frankie's Mistress?
Frankie's Family?
Frankie and the Boys???/
Seriously I dont know where the Frankie stuff will go.  Guilde me internet, guide me.
Is 33 minutes too late to make a blog for yesterday ..damnit.  Oh well, busy day and the laptop still isnt working . And another blog today to make up for the 33 minutes of difference. It might not count but at least I will stay on nuber schedule

Stay tuned for more Frankie ..maybe... if I can become inspire enough to write a story for the furball.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Frankie No Go

So since the glorious Frankie has not shown his furry face today (and that I am exhausted) there will be not be a Frankie adventure. Sorry but I'm tired, uninspired and have a night class to attend. However I will leave you with a question.

Where is Frankie?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Frankie Vs the Cops

Today was a pretty interesting day. Campus safety was riding around in their little go carts behind the apartments searching for someone. What did Frankie do? Is their a body he disposed of, the bones baring teeth marks to match his minions of squirrels? The safety guys disappeared into bushes not to be seen again for a while so who knows what they found. Here is Frankie's part in this story

(Btw this is my first time writing as an Italian Groundhog so bear with me, it will get better as Frankie develops :)

Today would have been a good day, lots of sun to make my grass grow and cool in my mansion of dirt.. I found some clovers to bring home to my new missus, should make her more happy than when I gave 'er that acorn full of bird berries . But yea, the cops came 'round askin' questions and such, saying that they were looking for P Bunny, that piece of work. Well let me tell you, they ain't gonna find him. He's long gone, and aint comin' back, ever. That bunny bastard almost caught me with his "wife". Yea, they was married but she definately wasnt his wife. He made her cook him food and clean his clothes, grant it that's what I'd want my wife ta do but ya know, I'd treat 'er better 'an that.   She cook in style witht he lasted Woodland fashions and the like. Hell I already gave Lapin the biggest burrows in the AQ area. Took the chipmucks 3 weeks to dig those burrows but they did it. Anyways  I was saying they was look for P Bunny. And they wont find him. The Raccon did a good job of takin' care of 'im yesterday. Got him right in the head with a twig the size of a pencil. Now I'm not saying that I ordered it, no ,no, I would never do sumthin' like that, but cha know, things get around. Sqiurrels talk, chipmunks gossips when theys are coherent enough complete a sentence. and rabbits die. Its all a part of the cycle that my guys and I control. 
He shoulda known, P Bunny, shoulda known I was gonna get'im for hoping in like he was Bugs. Even if i wasnt good friends with 'is wife he still had it coming. Yup, he just hopped in here like he was king. and no one moves in to Woodland without my permission. I'm boss 'round here. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Adventures of Frankie

Coming soon the Adventures of Frankie the Woodland mafia.

After class yesterday I felt that this blog would be a good place to not only practice my own writing skills but to also to tell the story of Frankie the Woodland Mafia boss.. Hopefully each day Frankie will experience a new adventure and maybe, if the stars a line I can post some pictures of the tubby creature.

The Adventure starts Monday.

Question of the Day : What is the best way to kill a spider? Does spraying Lysol work?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


No matter what we say time is running away from us. We  have metaphors for its activities such as running or flying, or dying. We surround ourselves with clocks and build schedules according to the time. We eat at certain times, were sleep at certain times and some of us must shower at certain times. There are clocks on our phones, our computers and laptops, our iPods, our iHomes, our cars and radios and even our sprinkler systems are set to clocks.Even our bodies have have internal clocks that tick and tell how we are doing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning German

As I'm sure everyone knows learning a new language after 18 is really hard. Hell, learning a language you are not familiar with after childhood is difficult too. But German is my fourth language and even with a backround in languages, specifically English I still can't automatically click into a language. You would think that after English, Spanish and French, German would be no problem at all. If you thought this you are very, VERY wrong. To me, German is by far the most difficult thing I have ever tried to pronounce (aside from Tamil and Hindi I tried to learn from Indian friends). The funky B is an S, the s is a Z and dont get me started on umlauts. Je prefere francias. But ofcourse I would after 2 years and becoming a French minor. I cant say I am fluent in Spanish still nor am I completely fluent en francias but Deutsch is truely a foreign concept; grant it, most of the German I know is self taught while sitting in a German class for no credit or recognition and only for my own personal knowlegde but whatev's right? By the grace of my Deutsch prof who is a Deutschr herself I might just yet be able to form a childs sentence or hopefully order food.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ponderings, groundhogs and a possible AQ Tarzan.

Alright, so to start off day one of my official blog I would like to offer up a question: What is a good name for a ground hog? This head turner, as I am sure you are turning your head, comes through a small story. Monday night my roomates and I spied a ground hog ambling out onto the grass behind our apartment. In unison we agreed that he would be our room mascot and that he was in the mafia (a possile result from a lot of tv?).  For the next 20 minutes we pondered a name for the little tubbster finally deciding on Frankie. I ask you: Is Frankie a good name for a groundhog? Take into consideration that he is indeed in the Rodent mafia, has an Italian accent, has a wife and children (number unknown as well as names), and has a racoon and a posseum for muscle. Which sort of leads me to my next question. Why is Tarzan at AQ? This very afternoon I caught sight of a shirtless guy (man? dude? which ever is appropriate) walking along the grass behind my apartment. He had  tarzan hair, things hanging from his belt and if he was wearing shoes I certainly didnt see them. Alerting the roomates we scrambled to the windows following him from room to room until he slid ino the foliage and trees blocking the road. One of us wondered if he was sent to go after Frankie, another asked if he was a new, more educated version of Tarzan.  So the question of the evening is: mafia hitman or Tarzan? And have you seen Frankie?

Monday, August 23, 2010


This blog starts as a requirement for a college course. Perhaps it will be a place to vent or a place to play. Maybe an escape or a confiment?  Poetry or prose? Lets see what it becomes shall we ???