Friday, September 10, 2010

French Failures and Japanese Handtowels

Today has been pretty F***ing awesome. After a tiring 2 classes (not that many but I am running of 7 hours of sleep and little coffee) I had a French coffee hour with my friend A, who brought her friend G. Both are fluent in French and can comfuse me in less than 5 words. My hope was that coffee hour en francias would help improve my French, well it didnt. My lack of vocab quickly turn the convo into English and to the soccer game. Thats not that aweomse, rather, quite disappointing instead but thats not my point. 
During my pitiful attempts to communicate a proffeseur came over an invited G to the Japanese exchange students farewell party. G being the exceptionally nice person that she is asked if her friend ( A and I could come too).  After the soccer game the three of us joined by my roommate C went to the Moose and observed the party. The food was great and all the students had dressed in their yukatas ( a summer robe that is made of a cotton the tourguide with the group told us). The bright blues, yellows, pinks and white reminded me of somethign out of Memoirs of a Geisha, stereotypical I know but you can bite me. Any who the night continued with the smashing of a watermelon and bingo, a game at which I excel. All in all, despite my shyness and reluctance to admit my bingo I was forced on stage by my friends and was rewarded with a InuHariko, a handtowel with a doggie pattern.    (The internet does not know this but I love dogs. I love my dog the most but dogs in general turn me into a little cooing child)

And now after filling my belly with MorningStar burgers and Reces Pieces  I watch Memoirs of aGeisha with C and A and soon we will watch House of Flying Daggers

Bonne Nuit!

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