Monday, September 6, 2010

Laziness and Fish

So due to my lack of forethought I am behind  a post. Probably not the best thing to say but my give-a-damn meter is current set to F*** it. Again, not  good. Perhaps rethinking my life choices would be beneficial.....and when I can pencil in a 25th hour in my day I shall do so.

Frankie Update: The little dude was seen today after not being seen much the past week. He is thinner and more jumpy. Hopefully nothing has happen to him while my roommates and I were away. 

PS I got some fish!  4 Neon tetra, jumbo sized according to PetSmart. Their names are Tweak, Butters, Cartman and TIMMAH! due to my strange love for South Park and its vulgarity.

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