Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Frankie No Go

So since the glorious Frankie has not shown his furry face today (and that I am exhausted) there will be not be a Frankie adventure. Sorry but I'm tired, uninspired and have a night class to attend. However I will leave you with a question.

Where is Frankie?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Frankie Vs the Cops

Today was a pretty interesting day. Campus safety was riding around in their little go carts behind the apartments searching for someone. What did Frankie do? Is their a body he disposed of, the bones baring teeth marks to match his minions of squirrels? The safety guys disappeared into bushes not to be seen again for a while so who knows what they found. Here is Frankie's part in this story

(Btw this is my first time writing as an Italian Groundhog so bear with me, it will get better as Frankie develops :)

Today would have been a good day, lots of sun to make my grass grow and cool in my mansion of dirt.. I found some clovers to bring home to my new missus, should make her more happy than when I gave 'er that acorn full of bird berries . But yea, the cops came 'round askin' questions and such, saying that they were looking for P Bunny, that piece of work. Well let me tell you, they ain't gonna find him. He's long gone, and aint comin' back, ever. That bunny bastard almost caught me with his "wife". Yea, they was married but she definately wasnt his wife. He made her cook him food and clean his clothes, grant it that's what I'd want my wife ta do but ya know, I'd treat 'er better 'an that.   She cook in style witht he lasted Woodland fashions and the like. Hell I already gave Lapin the biggest burrows in the AQ area. Took the chipmucks 3 weeks to dig those burrows but they did it. Anyways  I was saying they was look for P Bunny. And they wont find him. The Raccon did a good job of takin' care of 'im yesterday. Got him right in the head with a twig the size of a pencil. Now I'm not saying that I ordered it, no ,no, I would never do sumthin' like that, but cha know, things get around. Sqiurrels talk, chipmunks gossips when theys are coherent enough complete a sentence. and rabbits die. Its all a part of the cycle that my guys and I control. 
He shoulda known, P Bunny, shoulda known I was gonna get'im for hoping in like he was Bugs. Even if i wasnt good friends with 'is wife he still had it coming. Yup, he just hopped in here like he was king. and no one moves in to Woodland without my permission. I'm boss 'round here. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Adventures of Frankie

Coming soon the Adventures of Frankie the Woodland mafia.

After class yesterday I felt that this blog would be a good place to not only practice my own writing skills but to also to tell the story of Frankie the Woodland Mafia boss.. Hopefully each day Frankie will experience a new adventure and maybe, if the stars a line I can post some pictures of the tubby creature.

The Adventure starts Monday.

Question of the Day : What is the best way to kill a spider? Does spraying Lysol work?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


No matter what we say time is running away from us. We  have metaphors for its activities such as running or flying, or dying. We surround ourselves with clocks and build schedules according to the time. We eat at certain times, were sleep at certain times and some of us must shower at certain times. There are clocks on our phones, our computers and laptops, our iPods, our iHomes, our cars and radios and even our sprinkler systems are set to clocks.Even our bodies have have internal clocks that tick and tell how we are doing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning German

As I'm sure everyone knows learning a new language after 18 is really hard. Hell, learning a language you are not familiar with after childhood is difficult too. But German is my fourth language and even with a backround in languages, specifically English I still can't automatically click into a language. You would think that after English, Spanish and French, German would be no problem at all. If you thought this you are very, VERY wrong. To me, German is by far the most difficult thing I have ever tried to pronounce (aside from Tamil and Hindi I tried to learn from Indian friends). The funky B is an S, the s is a Z and dont get me started on umlauts. Je prefere francias. But ofcourse I would after 2 years and becoming a French minor. I cant say I am fluent in Spanish still nor am I completely fluent en francias but Deutsch is truely a foreign concept; grant it, most of the German I know is self taught while sitting in a German class for no credit or recognition and only for my own personal knowlegde but whatev's right? By the grace of my Deutsch prof who is a Deutschr herself I might just yet be able to form a childs sentence or hopefully order food.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ponderings, groundhogs and a possible AQ Tarzan.

Alright, so to start off day one of my official blog I would like to offer up a question: What is a good name for a ground hog? This head turner, as I am sure you are turning your head, comes through a small story. Monday night my roomates and I spied a ground hog ambling out onto the grass behind our apartment. In unison we agreed that he would be our room mascot and that he was in the mafia (a possile result from a lot of tv?).  For the next 20 minutes we pondered a name for the little tubbster finally deciding on Frankie. I ask you: Is Frankie a good name for a groundhog? Take into consideration that he is indeed in the Rodent mafia, has an Italian accent, has a wife and children (number unknown as well as names), and has a racoon and a posseum for muscle. Which sort of leads me to my next question. Why is Tarzan at AQ? This very afternoon I caught sight of a shirtless guy (man? dude? which ever is appropriate) walking along the grass behind my apartment. He had  tarzan hair, things hanging from his belt and if he was wearing shoes I certainly didnt see them. Alerting the roomates we scrambled to the windows following him from room to room until he slid ino the foliage and trees blocking the road. One of us wondered if he was sent to go after Frankie, another asked if he was a new, more educated version of Tarzan.  So the question of the evening is: mafia hitman or Tarzan? And have you seen Frankie?

Monday, August 23, 2010


This blog starts as a requirement for a college course. Perhaps it will be a place to vent or a place to play. Maybe an escape or a confiment?  Poetry or prose? Lets see what it becomes shall we ???