Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning German

As I'm sure everyone knows learning a new language after 18 is really hard. Hell, learning a language you are not familiar with after childhood is difficult too. But German is my fourth language and even with a backround in languages, specifically English I still can't automatically click into a language. You would think that after English, Spanish and French, German would be no problem at all. If you thought this you are very, VERY wrong. To me, German is by far the most difficult thing I have ever tried to pronounce (aside from Tamil and Hindi I tried to learn from Indian friends). The funky B is an S, the s is a Z and dont get me started on umlauts. Je prefere francias. But ofcourse I would after 2 years and becoming a French minor. I cant say I am fluent in Spanish still nor am I completely fluent en francias but Deutsch is truely a foreign concept; grant it, most of the German I know is self taught while sitting in a German class for no credit or recognition and only for my own personal knowlegde but whatev's right? By the grace of my Deutsch prof who is a Deutschr herself I might just yet be able to form a childs sentence or hopefully order food.

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