Monday, August 30, 2010

Frankie Vs the Cops

Today was a pretty interesting day. Campus safety was riding around in their little go carts behind the apartments searching for someone. What did Frankie do? Is their a body he disposed of, the bones baring teeth marks to match his minions of squirrels? The safety guys disappeared into bushes not to be seen again for a while so who knows what they found. Here is Frankie's part in this story

(Btw this is my first time writing as an Italian Groundhog so bear with me, it will get better as Frankie develops :)

Today would have been a good day, lots of sun to make my grass grow and cool in my mansion of dirt.. I found some clovers to bring home to my new missus, should make her more happy than when I gave 'er that acorn full of bird berries . But yea, the cops came 'round askin' questions and such, saying that they were looking for P Bunny, that piece of work. Well let me tell you, they ain't gonna find him. He's long gone, and aint comin' back, ever. That bunny bastard almost caught me with his "wife". Yea, they was married but she definately wasnt his wife. He made her cook him food and clean his clothes, grant it that's what I'd want my wife ta do but ya know, I'd treat 'er better 'an that.   She cook in style witht he lasted Woodland fashions and the like. Hell I already gave Lapin the biggest burrows in the AQ area. Took the chipmucks 3 weeks to dig those burrows but they did it. Anyways  I was saying they was look for P Bunny. And they wont find him. The Raccon did a good job of takin' care of 'im yesterday. Got him right in the head with a twig the size of a pencil. Now I'm not saying that I ordered it, no ,no, I would never do sumthin' like that, but cha know, things get around. Sqiurrels talk, chipmunks gossips when theys are coherent enough complete a sentence. and rabbits die. Its all a part of the cycle that my guys and I control. 
He shoulda known, P Bunny, shoulda known I was gonna get'im for hoping in like he was Bugs. Even if i wasnt good friends with 'is wife he still had it coming. Yup, he just hopped in here like he was king. and no one moves in to Woodland without my permission. I'm boss 'round here. 

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