Saturday, April 2, 2011

new blog!

 hello INTERNET,
  here is my new blog. For some reason I thought that it would connect to this account. Oh well.    - Have at it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Post

Hello Internet. well I got the OK to end my blog....for now. But dont fret I will probably be back next semester and I will probably have created that music blog.

So farwell, I may or not be writing on you again soon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


So Internet, i just figured out to change the settings on this Blogger account. Its not that news worthy I know but its something. So I have managed to set the time to the correct time and date for my location and will hopefully be posting everyday before 12 am. However my day does not end until I take a shower and go to sleep for I could possibly be posting at 3am sometimes.

Have a good night!


Tonight, well actually this past night technically, the college had a Masquerade themed  semi-formal dance and to be honest, IT WAS A BLAST!!!  They offered carriage rides, snacks, an informal coat check and  a dance fllor. Yea thats right I said it, DANCEFLOOR. The thing I tend to hate but for tonight (well yesterday night) I loved.

My roommate, C,  and I started getting at 5pm when the dance began at 8pm. Why S, why would you ever start so early? Well Internet, because I have recently begun to realize that I am a tad "high maintainence". I would hate to admit this outloud but I enjoy getting all dolled up. I liked having to figure out what shoes go with what dress, what jewerly works and what shades of eyeshadows to choose.

Anyway, the night went without a hitch. People had a great time, I got to pet a horse, listen to an acapella group sing and  dance until my feet hurt.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today I saw the city from the back of a carousel horse
Today I saw the city on childhood memories wings
The grays pavement, red brick and gleaming glass.
I watched as time flew by while the music played
Flying in cloudy skies on the back of a dapple pony
I saw the black rushing waters and the furious flurries
Today I saw the city through the eyes of a child
Today I saw the city surrounded by innocence

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The speech is done and all in all I think it went ok. OH! Forgive me I started too soon. Here are the details. For a class, Internet, I had to come up with a 6-7 minute speech regarding a topic I was interested  in. So after battling with both my speech and a crappy laptop I managed to make a great power point as a visual aid. However, I probably should hve praacticed y speech more than the 3 times I did...and I probably should have done some more in depth research.

BUT all in all I think it went fine. I was a minute and 16 seconds over time and I tended to face away from the audiance but it was my first time giving a speech infront of a class all on my own in college so I will certainly improve for next time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Just Cant Escape You..

Hello Internet!
SO after a very very long break, both from you and the rest of the world I have finally realized that I just cannot escape you. I even ran to Chicago ( for Model UN) and was internet free for 4 days before realizing that it didnt matter. Everywhere I looked someone was playing on Facebook or checking their emails through their phone or another electronical device. 

And again I promise to get started on the music blog ..... once I get some time, which will not be this week.