Sunday, December 5, 2010


Tonight, well actually this past night technically, the college had a Masquerade themed  semi-formal dance and to be honest, IT WAS A BLAST!!!  They offered carriage rides, snacks, an informal coat check and  a dance fllor. Yea thats right I said it, DANCEFLOOR. The thing I tend to hate but for tonight (well yesterday night) I loved.

My roommate, C,  and I started getting at 5pm when the dance began at 8pm. Why S, why would you ever start so early? Well Internet, because I have recently begun to realize that I am a tad "high maintainence". I would hate to admit this outloud but I enjoy getting all dolled up. I liked having to figure out what shoes go with what dress, what jewerly works and what shades of eyeshadows to choose.

Anyway, the night went without a hitch. People had a great time, I got to pet a horse, listen to an acapella group sing and  dance until my feet hurt.

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