Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ponderings, groundhogs and a possible AQ Tarzan.

Alright, so to start off day one of my official blog I would like to offer up a question: What is a good name for a ground hog? This head turner, as I am sure you are turning your head, comes through a small story. Monday night my roomates and I spied a ground hog ambling out onto the grass behind our apartment. In unison we agreed that he would be our room mascot and that he was in the mafia (a possile result from a lot of tv?).  For the next 20 minutes we pondered a name for the little tubbster finally deciding on Frankie. I ask you: Is Frankie a good name for a groundhog? Take into consideration that he is indeed in the Rodent mafia, has an Italian accent, has a wife and children (number unknown as well as names), and has a racoon and a posseum for muscle. Which sort of leads me to my next question. Why is Tarzan at AQ? This very afternoon I caught sight of a shirtless guy (man? dude? which ever is appropriate) walking along the grass behind my apartment. He had  tarzan hair, things hanging from his belt and if he was wearing shoes I certainly didnt see them. Alerting the roomates we scrambled to the windows following him from room to room until he slid ino the foliage and trees blocking the road. One of us wondered if he was sent to go after Frankie, another asked if he was a new, more educated version of Tarzan.  So the question of the evening is: mafia hitman or Tarzan? And have you seen Frankie?

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