Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puppies and other baby animals.

Has anyone noticed that even the coldest person becomes warm and fuzzy when they see a baby animal? The best example I can give follows thusly: I was part of a volunteer group headed to the car which would take us to our volunteer  destination. However as we started to walk a man was walking two puppies. My entire group stopped and collectively cooed "Ohhh Puppies!" and preceded to play with the puppies for 10 minutes. And its not just women who go nuts for the babies, I have seen grown, big buff men stop whatever they are doing and play with puppies. Example, my family had a man redo our desk last year. now this man is fairly burly and gruff but he owns a 3 pound designer dog who commands his heart.

Another fairly entertaining example I have comes from two summers ago. In my hometown there is an excellent Thai food place that does carry-out. My friend K and I had ordered food and were waiting outside with my dog, who for anyone who knows me, is a large, flurry, girly -looking Border Collie named Duran (yes, after the band). While we waited a couple rode up on their huge, black and chrome Harley's. Now I know that bikers can be very nice and kind people but I will admit to being intimidated by the leather clad pair. However as they dismounted they both looked at Duran and smiled the biggest goofiest smiles I have ever seen. The two asked me what breed he was, complimented me on his cleverness (by now Duran had shook both of their hands and "talked" to them) and told me how cool it was that he was named after a rockband.

So lesson of the day is: animals are cute, people love them.

Frankie Update: Frankie is growing in girth. The tubbster has increased in size  (probably due to the foods he gets thrown his way) and the lack of nature predators. Maybe pictures soon???

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