Monday, September 20, 2010

No time and maybe ulsers?

So this will be short because I have no time today between interviews for the Saint article, setting up a video screen for Programming Board and attempting to do homework. 

TIMMAH! died. I dont know why but he developed white spots over the weekend and died Sunday evening. He was flushed down the toliet with honors befitting his person (or fishness?)  So I need to go to PetSmart and see why I cant keep a 2cm long fish alive. 

Went to a wedding over the weekend. That was interesting and touching. But more on my views of marriage later.

Frankie update: The girls and I arent really sure if Ted is Frankie or if it might be Frankie's lady love or gentleman love (which would explain the lack of babbies). His mistress bunny was out with him daintily nibbling on the grass around the edge of the foliage.   We found that Frankie/ted enjoy double protien whole bread but are throwing it farther away from the building b/c the girls below us dont like Frankie for some reason.

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