Monday, October 11, 2010

7th Symphony

Starting out on a good note (hehe get it? note!) 7th Symphony, instrumetal band Apocalyptica's newest addition, contniues to carry on the bands good name. A bit more goth and dark than previous records the new CD stars guest vocalists Lacey (Flyleaf), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Brent Smtih (Shinedown) and Joseph Duplantier (Gojira) in explosive, new collaberations.  Guest drummer Dave Lambardo, who has worked with the band previously, also lends his talents to 7th Symphony. However this album seems to not flow as smoothly as Worlds Collide ( 2008) with  harsh songs breaking up the softer, more distorted melodies. Speaking of distortion, a more dramatic sound, caused by the whirring moan of distored and stretched notes, deepens the emotions present throughout the songlist.

More to come!

-S. Parlette
This will be edited and rewritten as I please, when I have time :/

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