Monday, October 25, 2010

OK sorry

Sorry Internet for I have failed you. Over the break I did not make a second blog and write various music reviews. bad, bad me. BUT I do plan on doing this and I will get it done.... eventually. So for now I will just give a story that happend to me over break.

Saturday I had to drive my exchange brother over to a friends house the middle of the woods. Now my hometown is Town A and N had to go to town B, a little bitty farmarea 35 minutes away. Well the drive was nothing but the house I dropped him off at was f**king weird. Not only was it in cow country, in fact we drove past a dairy farm ( I know the owners) in order to get to this house.

So we turn on this random ass dirt road in the middle of nowhere  and drive inot the woods. From there we turn on another random road in more dense woods and look for a random wooden mailbox. Once found  the long drive has a car graveyard besides it and wraps around a big tree. a pole barn and outdoor dog kennel are on one side and this tiny log cabin (like a hunters cabin) is on the other. Now that doesnt sound all that bad right? well your wrong, on the porch of the cabin are walls of wood (obvious fireplace material) and there is another dead car grave yard. a swamop backed up to the back of the cabin and the lighting was low. When I describe it it doesnt sound too bad but think of the beginning of a horror movie. Yea, that creepy f**king house.

So after leaving N to his serial killer doom I had an awesome evening..until I had to pick him up at midnight. Now think of the scene iIdescribed but only without light.... yea.. creepy.

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