Monday, November 1, 2010

Rocky Horrow Picture show

In order to celebrte Halloween  my roommates and I watched a slew of action and comedy films. We started the evening with Underworld which was followed up with Underworld:Evoltuion. C, M, H and I all agreed thathe character of Micheal was much more attratve as his Vampire/werwolf hybrid self and that certain things in the film (character mishaps, etc) were fairly annoying.

However the best part of the evening was watching Rocky Horrow Picture show. This cult classic always makes me laugh. I can sing all of the songs and obviously know the time warp dance. I dont know anyone who has watched the movie and not loved it. Needless to say, Frankenfurter (play by the awesome Tim Curry) was the best character in the film Not only is he attractive (in that androginous way) but he has better legs than anyone I have seen.

Anywho, not much comp. power left and no personal energy left. Goodnight Internet.

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