Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money, money, spending and a little explaination.

Hello Internet!  I  promise that from now I will be as diligent as possible with my posts and to keep them fairly detailed or entertaining.

Today my mother came to me at college. Normally I would have gone home but the circumstances did not allow for it.  The main reson for her visit (besides seeing her lovely daughter) was to buy me some business attire for Model United Nations.

 For anyone out there who does know MUN is a 1 credit class offered in the fall. Basically when you sign up for the class you are signing away 4 days in of your life to a conference which is help in Chicago. At the conference colleges and universities are invited to represent various countries in a mock UN session. This year I will be one of the people representing the ECOSOC committee of the Russian Federation. - Western business attire must be worn at all time and being a  jobless college student I lack anything that would conform to that label.

 After spending an hour or so looking around at JCPenny'swe slipped in line and saved over $140 because of awesome doorbuster sales!. Then after a yummy lunch at Subway (not exactly healthy but whatev's) we paid a visit to Kohls where we saved another $60 on clothes. \

Now in order to save so much I must have spent atleat $300 right? WRONG! in total we spent less than $190. So really I saved about $200  on about $400 worth of purchandise due to sales. 

This might not be interesting to anyone else but I found it unbelievable!

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