Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Are What You Watch???

So According to E!News there is a study now out that finds correlations between what you watch and your personality.I wish they had mentioned the study's (sp?) name so I could do more research but thats ok, I'm sure its somewhere.

I ask you Internet,  what do you think about this? To use myself as an example: I love all sorts of shows, I will watch whatever I'm in the mood for. If I want crime and dark subjects I watch CSI or Criminal Minds. If I feel girly and loving I watch Say Yes to the Dress or Four Weddings. If I want somethign magical I turn to the SciFi channel and when I want something cute I watch Animal Planet.

Frankie Update: I havent seen Frakie in a very long time. Possibilities: A) He has begun hibrnation B) Campus Safety pice dim up and sent him way TT_TT

Question fo the Day: What do you like to watch?

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