Thursday, November 11, 2010

Languages and attraction.

So tonight I was dragged to a German club party by my roommate and a friend. I personally do not speak any German (except a few swear words, dog, mother, no, please, thankyou, wake up, welcome, my name is and yes) and instead je parle le francias!  At said party we all (there was maybe 9 of us) sat down to watch a german film called "The Edukators." This movie was awesome and revolved around a brief period of time in the lives of two young men and a young woman.

But I'm not here to talk about the movie I'm here to talk about language and attraction. The first thing I noticed about the film (besides that fact that it was in GERMAN) was that the language barrier suddenly made the men in the film even more attractive than they aready were. I mean lets face it ladies, if a guy has an accent he immediately ets 15 bonus points in the attraction department.And gentlmen , the same goes for you, you know you love women with an accent other than your own.

So my question is, why does not being able to understand a language make that person suddenly more attractive? and whats you favorite accent/language?

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